An exercise in pure SEO writing: 350 words on city after city after city to feed the ever-seeking Google monster – but even if it’s SEO copy, it still has to be readable, right?

If you’re going about the business of sending parcels to Nova Scotia, you’ll need one particular piece of advice, based on our years of experience in becoming the UK’s biggest online parcel delivery service. We’ve seen all kinds of Atlantic-crossing methods and services come and go, and we’re in no doubt whatsoever as to which is by far the best. And let’s dismiss your first thought – the post office – straight away. Far too great a risk of unexpected delays or industrial action. No, in our considered and professional view, there’s only one way to send a parcel to Nova Scotia and that’s to arrange a courier to Nova Scotia. Satisfaction guaranteed.

And when we say courier, we don’t mean messing about with the no-marks and the also-rans. We mean enlisting the services of the big boys, the FedEx, DHL and Parcelforce names with their worldwide networks and sophisticated systems. That way lies the path to smooth, swift and secure delivery. The path can be riddled with rubble, however, if you try to arrange these matters yourself. The jargon is confusing and the tariffs and services hidden behind a screen of mystification. However, we’ve stripped away all that unnecessary verbiage to leave with you some extremely clear and simple choices for your parcel delivery to Nova Scotia. And what’s also clear and simple are the savings you can make – our prices are cheaper than you’d get if you went direct.

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