Frut Smoothies

A new kid on the smoothie block – with a copy tone created entirely by me, using the site’s animated characters as inspiration.


Our recipes are very, very simple.

Fruit with lashings of fruit added, topped up with fruit and finished off with a liberal helping of fruit. And then we add some fruit, just to be on the safe side.

Our blenders are more like bouncers. If you’re not a fruit, you’re not coming in, and no arguments sunshine.

Some smoothies are just smooth-ish

Dip beneath the surface of the average, common-or-garden smoothie, and you’d be surprised what might be lurking in the gloop.

Concentrates, additives, thickeners, colouring, acids, eye of toad, wing of bat…

Nothing like that in a Frut Smoothie, no siree.

Frut tastes naughty. But it’s not.

Drinking Frut is such a rich and luxurious experience that you’d expect every serving to come with a written warning from the Health Police.

But we bring astonishingly good news. Frut Smoothies are, in reality, a dietician’s delight. Because every glass* supplies two of the five a day that we’d all love to provide for ourselves, but never do. Easy peasy strawberry and banana squeezy.

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