David Charles

This project was handled directly with the client, who was 90% down the track when he called me in. I persuaded him to reverse to the beginning and start again for a much more cohesive trade/consumer website.


Now, more than ever, a kitchen is a space for living. And no-one brings a kitchen to life quite like David Charles.

Our inspired concepts, originality of design, attention to detail and personal service come together in a room which combines the functional and the aesthetic perfectly. Our vision of creating exceptional kitchens relies on uncompromising quality that doesn’t come at the expense of affordability.

Classic, contemporary or the essence of urban chic, a David Charles kitchen will always remain highly desirable. City loft, grand barn conversion, modern architecture or classic family home, we’ll hone our designs down until we find the one that fits the space and the style perfectly.

Our kitchens are so well designed, so painstakingly specified, so beautifully put together that it would break our hearts to hand them over uninstalled. So a David Charles kitchen will only ever be fitted by David Charles installers – because they’re the only ones who can do the job justice.

When you try your best to design from scratch, you get to know your clients pretty well. And, like you, we’re not the kind of people who respond to bland, big business ways. So if you believe that life is so much better when you get service with a personal touch, you’ll be in good company.

To bring your kitchen to life, just get in touch today.

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