Benenden Healthcare Society

A multi-page monster of a website for a leading ethical healthcare provider – with all the taste, tone and legal hoop-jumping which that suggests.


Benenden Healthcare provides the first-class healthcare people need when they need it. But we’re not an ordinary medical insurer, so we don’t have customers. We’re a mutual organisation, a not-for-profit Friendly Society – and the people we help are our members.

This mutual status is very important: it means that members club together to fund the healthcare they want. Mutual trust and a common sense approach have always been our key values – and they’ve worked successfully for more than 100 years.

The healthcare we provide operates on a two-way basis. We ask you to think carefully about the help you ask for – and in return, we’ll think carefully about your individual needs in judging what help to offer in what’s known as a discretionary approach.

And there’s an extra benefit to becoming a member of Benenden Healthcare: since we’re not a medical insurer, you won’t have to pay any insurance premium tax on your contributions.

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