Tunstall Telecom


In itself, the slow creaking of the garden gate was nothing to worry about. Winter is windy, after all.

And the gentle rocking of an empty milk bottle on her doorstep could easily have been the icy country breeze.

But nothing rattles a doorknob quite like a human hand.

Startled from a gentle doze in front of a dying fire, Olive clutched the pendant that hung around her neck.

Quickly, she pressed the button. Her Piper Pendant activated her Piper Solo unit. Piper Solo flashed the message to the Control Centre – emergency.

Sharp in the cold night air, the doorknob rattled again.

The Control Centre operator spoke within seconds. ‘Olive ? What’s wrong ?’

Shrinking back into her armchair, she whispered tearfully: ‘Help me – there’s someone out there!’

Minutes later, a police car screamed to a halt outside her door.

The visitor was quick, but not quick enough. One more intruder went to the cells.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the country use the Piper emergency communications system from Tunstall Telecom.

Most are elderly. Many live alone. But they can all rely on swift emergency help. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Tunstall Telecom works for people like Olive. We give them peace of mind.

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