Taylors of Harrogate


Taylors of Harrogate have been importing, roasting and blending coffees for over one hundred years, and in all that time we’ve learnt an awful lot about coffee tastes.

Through our specialist shops, our famous cafés and the quality grocers we supply, we have learned exactly what our customers want from a good cup of coffee, and we know how to give it to them.

Unfortunately, the enjoyment of our achievements has been almost entirely restricted to the coffee connoisseurs of Yorkshire. We’ve never been keen to sell our coffee further afield because we’ve never found a way to pack it that could keep it really fresh.

The vacuum-packing method, for example, always leaves a little air behind – and a little air is all that is needed to make the coffee taste stale.

At long last, however, we’ve found the key to fresher coffee, and the answer lies with an ingenious little valve.

Other coffees have to be left for up to 2 days after roasting while they give off their natural gases. Taylors coffee, on the other hand, is sealed into bags fresh and warm, straight from the roaster, and the gases escape through the valve on the front of the pack. The same valve keeps the air out, which keeps the contents in perfect condition.

Now our coffee stays fresh wherever it goes, you can try it too, and see for yourself how different it is.

It certainly looks different in its coffee-shop wrapping, and it feels different too, nice and soft, rather than unnaturally hard like others do. But there’s something else, something that happens when you squeeze our ground coffee packs.

Immediately, you’ll get that rich coffee-shop aroma, the delicious smell of freshly-ground beans. That’s when you’ll really start to appreciate the difference over a hundred years in the business can make.

The true test, of course, comes when you take our coffee home and drink it, and we’ve given you twelve ways to do just that: filter coffees, cafetière coffees, decaffeinated coffees and exotic beans, all of a quality and freshness far superior to any other pre-packed coffee.

Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy the fresher taste of better coffees than you’ve ever had before.

Which means all the time you used to spend looking for the perfect cup of coffee, you can now spend drinking it.

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