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For everyone with a home pool or garden pond, safety is a major cause of concern.

Children never fail to be attracted by water, and a sparkling blue pool or inviting pond full of fish is like a magnet to them – all too often with tragic consequences.

But a tried-and-tested product from America, available exclusively through Power Plastics Limited of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, is here to bring peace of mind to pool and pond owners nationwide.

Katchakid™ is a strong polyethylene net anchored to flush-fitted mountings around the edge of the pool or pond. Using an ingenious drawstring method, the net is pulled taut towards its centre to form a highly visible, weight-bearing barrier across the entire accessible surface of the water.

The mesh size prevents a toddler’s head from penetrating, and most children will find the net surface uncomfortable to climb on – a further deterrent to add to the visual barrier.

The Katchakid™ net can be trimmed to fit accurately to any shape, and can be securely anchored to virtually any poolside ground surface.

The high quality polyethylene is stabilised with maximum UV inhibitors and the net can stay in place while the pool is chlorinated or chemically treated.

Covering the average pool takes 5-8 minutes and removal takes 3-5 minutes.

The Katchakid™ brand, now based in the USA, has been around for over 30 years. The company is performing hundreds of installations every month in the state of California alone.

And closer to home, new legislation is in place to enforce pool protection in France, especially for holiday properties.

Although the law isn’t yet addressing this issue in the UK, responsible pool owners would rather take action now and solve the problem themselves than wait for further tragedies to force the issue.

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