Yorkshire Building Society

Dear Mr Sample

I have pleasure in enclosing details on how your Society has performed. I believe that our results demonstrate that the Yorkshire’s record of delivering value to its members, in the form of consistently attractive mortgage and savings rates and high quality service, is amongst the best in the sector.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society is being held on 23 March. You can find the Notice of the AGM on page 12 of the enclosed booklet ‘With You One Hundred Per Cent’ and a proxy form is attached to this letter.

Following national advertising for a new non-executive director, Ed Anderson and Colette Bowe were appointed and are standing for election at the AGM. In addition, the new Chief Executive, Iain Cornish, is also standing for election. Frank Beckett, already a non-executive director, is being proposed for re-election. You will find profiles of these candidates, and all of the other directors, in the enclosed booklet.

The same booklet gives you the highlights of the Yorkshire’s achievements and includes the Summary Financial Statement which gives details of financial performance. It also includes the Directors’ Remuneration Report, which you are once again asked to approve by way of an advisory vote. Although this isn’t a legal requirement, the Board believes that, in a spirit of openness, you should see all the relevant information and be invited to express a view.

Finally, I urge you have your say by voting at this AGM. The Board’s recommendation is that you vote in favour of all the resolutions set out in the Notice of the Meeting. Remember, if you can’t attend the AGM yourself, you can still vote by completing and returning the Proxy Voting Form.

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