Dear Enquirer

Thank you for your interest in laser eye treatment. I have enclosed a complete information pack, which should answer most of your questions.

Perhaps you’re already imagining how different your life would be if could say goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses. Our patients have many different reasons for choosing our laser treatment, from simply seeing their own face without spectacles to escaping the daily hassle of contacts.

But everybody agrees on one thing – the translation is remarkable.

In considering laser eye treatment, there are two main questions to address: your suitability and your choice of treatment provider.

We treat long- and short-sighted people, including those with astigmatism, but your suitability can only be decided during a full consultation. To arrange yours, entirely without obligation, call us free on 0808 144 20 20 or visit www.ultralase.com You can also read the thoughts of many of our treated patients at www.lasiksuccess.com

And as to who should perform your procedure, you should be aware that we are the UK’s No. 1 laser eye treatment specialists. We were the first in the country to open a clinic, back in 1991. We have more treatment clinics than any other provider. And we’ve performed far more LASIK treatments than anyone else – well over 50,000.

There is one final point of interest: the cost. LASIK treatment by Ultralase is £999 per eye. That’s neither the cheapest price you can pay nor the most expensive. But we believe that the service and care we offer are second to none. And, should you require it, interest-free credit is available.

You can read more about us in the enclosed literature. I hope it will encourage you to take the next step toward freedom from glasses and contact lenses – and book your free no-obligation Ultralase consultation soon.

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