Rest Assured


You simply can’t buy a better bed than one made with pocket springs. Each precision-made coil is carefully wrapped in its own soft cloth sleeve which leaves it free to move independently. Nestling under luxurious layers of natural fillings, the pocket spring follows every curve of your body to give you unsurpassed comfort and support.

The Inside Story

We’ve never made a bed we’re not proud of. But some do cost more than others – and if you’re considering spending a little extra on your bed, we’re sure you’d like to know what you’re paying for.

As a general rule, the more springs it contains, the more faithfully a mattress can follow the contours of your body and, therefore, the more comfortable and supportive it will be.

The name tells you how many springs are used in a kingsize bed – the Pocket Spring 1400 Deluxe contains 1400 springs, the 1200 Deluxe has 1200.

And some beds are fitted with our Double Comfort spring system, where two layers of pocket springing add an extra touch of luxury. As does the hand-stitching which we still use to attach some mattress borders to their spring units for extra stability and support.

It’s an old craftsman’s technique – and we’re more than happy to continue the tradition.

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